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In our previous blog post, we briefly mentioned some of the benefits of tile and stone flooring during winter. However, it’s great for more than just the cold; tile & stone is a great choice throughout the year, especially for families in Steamboat Springs.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Tile & stone flooring naturally provides a hostile environment to harmful microbes. While this is a known trait for dust mites, many are surprised to learn that it’s also difficult for bacteria to survive or grow along the surface of stone flooring. It also prevents the growth of mold and mildew, which is especially useful for the subfloor.

Of course, this isn’t to say that messes left unclean won’t promote bacterial growth. As with all flooring. But when properly maintained, tile & stone is one of the healthiest options for those with asthma, allergies or weak immune systems. Even better, cleaning is easy and can be typically be down with an inexpensive cleaning solution. Just avoid harsh chemicals.

Tile & Stone Lasts

There’s a reason that stone floors remind us of grand halls and beautiful palaces: many of them are still there. Tile & stone is among the most durable, long lasting flooring selections on the market. This is especially true for porcelain flooring, which is considered by many to be the most effective option for high-traffic areas.

Tile & stone is even fire resistant. This is another lesser-known reason that it’s a common choice in kitchens.

Insulation and R-Value

We previously mentioned that tile & stone tends to have a low r-value during winter. That’s why it’s often matched with radiant floor systems, especially in climates like ours. It’s also why they are often complimented with rugs (in addition to style). Summer, however, is a different story.

During warmer months, stone floors can actually help maintain a cool home. That’s because shaded stone naturally remains cool even during warm days. So when the air conditioner is cooling your home, stone acts as an additional layer of insulation.

Wood-Look with Top-Notch Performance

Hardwood flooring is another timeless classic that is especially popular in Colorado. Stone flooring is another alternative offering many wood-look stone flooring selections offering the aesthetics of hardwood with the benefits we’ve discussed so far. Visit our tile & stone section to see all of our available options.

Home Value

Tile & stone is almost universally considered the most stylish flooring options. This is largely because it’s available in a variety of patterns and colors, all of which are designed to reflect some of nature’s most beautiful aesthetics. So, between its aesthetic appeal and the many benefits we’ve highlighted, it’s no surprise that homes with stone flooring consistently perform better on the market.

Learn More

To see the many selections of tile & stone flooring available, or for expert advice from Steamboat’s leading flooring experts, visit Carpets Plus today! Remember, if you don’t see a flooring option that suits your needs here, we can specially order additional selections.