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Floors play a more important role than most of us realize. They’re not just there to make the bottom of your home look great, they can actually protect what’s underneath. This means the choice you make will have an impact on the life of your home. In this post, we’ll discuss your best affordable flooring options for the long-term. Not all of them have the lowest upfront cost, but they will certainly pay for themselves over time.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile in a dining room


As we’ve discussed before, it’s hard to beat the short and long term value of luxury vinyl plank and tile. Modern vinyl floors perfectly imitate the look and texture of their natural counterparts, yet cost less. They also offer exceptional durability and are completely waterproof.



Peppy Microban patterned carpet in a living room

Initially, Microban carpet doesn’t sound like an affordable flooring option. However, the long-term benefits cannot be ignored. The fibers of all Microban carpet lines are solution dyed to preserve its style over time. It releases stains easily, so no harsh chemicals are necessary for cleaning. Even better, Microban is an antimicrobial treatment that will help keep your carpet and home cleaner and fresher over time.

Anso Nylon

Jackie Chic patterned Anso nylon carpet in a living room

Anso Nylon is another choice that comes with a higher initial cost, but offers more affordability over time. Some Anso nylon collections include a completely waterproof backing, offering superior protection for the subfloor against mold and mildew. The fibers are also designed to resist fraying and fading over time, even in high traffic areas. This means easier maintenance and fewer replacements. In fact, Anso Nylon is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

Solution Dyed Carpet

Newfound Price solution dyed carpet in a bedroom

We mentioned solution dyed carpet a moment ago, but what does that actually mean? Some carpet tends to fade and lose its color over time. This is due to small abrasions against the fibers and prolonged exposure to light. This happens because traditional carpet dye only surrounds the fibers.

Solution dyed carpet builds the color into the fibers. This is achieved by blending the dye into the fibers as they are being manufactured. So the fibers aren’t just covered with color, they actually are that color.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain tile flooring in a kitchen

Porcelain is definitely more affordable as a long-term purchase. It is one of the most expensive flooring options to purchase initially. However, its durability and versatility are unmatched. In fact, porcelain is so durable that it’s considered frost resistant, making it suitable for outdoor applications in Steamboat Springs. It’s also easier to maintain. Porcelain floors offer exceptional long-term affordability.

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Affordability is only one of many important considerations when purchasing new floors. If you’re ready to make an informed choice, visit Steamboat’s top flooring experts at Carpets Plus!