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Redefining your home’s style with new flooring is an exciting time. However, there are a few easy steps to take before installation day arrives. Completing this process will ensure an expedited installation free of unexpected challenges both now and in the future.

Clearing The Room

Installers can usually move large pieces of furniture as long as they are in good shape. However, any items they’re storing (such as books on a shelf) need to be removed. Also, smaller decor items (such as vases) and electronics will need to be removed prior to installation.


Some types of hard surface flooring will need time to acclimate in your home before installation can be completed. This is especially true now, with our temperatures reaching the upper 50s during the day and dropping to the 20s at night.

Hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl are the most common types of flooring that need to acclimate. However, it’s important to check the documentation for specific details. For example, some LVT flooring requires no acclimation, while other flooring types may need a specific time and indoor temperature range.

While you’re at it, you may want to ensure that your chosen flooring is suitable for Steamboat’s crazy climate. Most solid hardwood flooring options are not.

Prior Flooring Inspection

Did you purchase new flooring to update your home’s style, improve its performance, or because of a specific problem with your current floors? It’s important to inform installers of any potential problems with your current flooring. For example, is the surface uneven? Is there possible mold growth? Is your subfloor damaged? Answering questions like these will help ensure a smooth installation process and avoid the potential for additional charges.

Proper Measurements

Will your doors still have enough clearance? What about your baseboards? These considerations are important and should help guide your floor purchasing decision. This is especially true when installing floors in kitchens and bathrooms.

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Need a little guidance in your floor purchasing decision? We’re here to help! Visit Steamboat’s premier flooring experts at Carpets Plus.