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Hardwood floors have a style that perfectly fits the unique culture of Steamboat Springs. Unfortunately, traditional solid hardwood planks don’t perfectly fit our climate. Our dry air and drastic temperature changes prove challenging for solid planks.

However, there are still plenty of suitable options that perfectly reflect that classic hardwood look and hold up to Steamboat’s crazy weather. We’ll discuss a few of our favorites here.

The Challenge

Traditional solid hardwood floors may feel sturdy, but they’re surprisingly delicate. Small environmental changes can (over time) have a drastic impact on solid wood planks. In a dry climate like ours, humidity levels often fall below the 65% recommended for solid planks. Also, wood naturally expands and contracts with extreme changes in temperatures, such as those that we see throughout the year.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Waterproof hardwood flooring in a kitchen

If you still want authentic hardwood floors in Steamboat Springs, engineered planks are the best choice. The same wood species are used to build both solid and engineered planks. The most important difference is in the construction. Engineered planks feature a layered design built around a stable core. This allows each plank to better resist environmental changes. Engineered planks also last longer and are often completely waterproof.

Some engineered hardwood floors, such as our Eminence line, offer an added bonus. Click installation is a newer innovation that creates a completely waterproof seal. So, no more worries over melted snow seeping into your subfloor.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

Wood-look porcelain tile flooring in a kitchen

Why buy stone flooring to get the hardwood look? There are actually a few reasons. Porcelain tile floors offer exceptional performance and durability. During the manufacturing process, they are fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles. This makes them impervious and significantly lowers their moisture absorption. In fact, they’re even considered frost resistant, making them suitable for outdoor applications in Steamboat Springs. If the hardwood look would perfectly complete the style of your kitchen or backyard patio, wood-look porcelain tiles are your best choice.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Wood-look LVP flooring in a living room

If you’re looking for performance and affordability, it’s hard to beat luxury vinyl plank floors. Vinyl planks are naturally waterproof, and newer vinyl floors are exceptionally durable. Even better, luxury vinyl is one of the most affordable hard surface flooring options on the market.

Newer LVP floors can perfectly match the aesthetics of traditional hardwood. High resolution photographic layers offer designs that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. Newer floors also have textures carved into the surface that mimic authentic wood. So, you can achieve an authentic hardwood look in a completely waterproof floor on a budget.

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Floors are an important investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re ready to make an informed choice for your home, visit Steamboat’s top flooring experts at Carpets Plus today!