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It’s rare that “affordable” and “luxury” go hand in hand. Often, we’re forced to find just the right balance between style and price. But what if there was an option that coupled both with industry-leading features?
Luxury vinyl has recently soared in popularity for this very reason. It’s a flooring option sold at a reasonable price without skimping on luxurious style and innovative features. It’s also among the  easiest flooring to maintain for the long-run. Here, we’ll highlight a few of the features that make luxury vinyl the perfect affordable flooring choice.


The aesthetics of both hardwood and stone flooring have been revered for generations. However, the, the price of each is sometimes beyond the reach of modest budgets. As we’ve covered previously, modern luxury plank and tile flooring features designs that reflect hardwood and stone with nearly perfect accuracy. Even the textures are mimicked nicely. So, your home can be adorned with nature’s most pleasing textures at a price suited for any budget.

Affordable Installation: Easy DIY Options

One of the highest costs associated with new floors is incurred after your flooring has already been paid for; the installation. Sadly, this step alone turns many homeowners away from purchasing new floors – even when it is needed to protect their home.

However, with a variety of versatile and click installation methods, modern luxury vinyl flooring is easier than ever to install – in many cases, no floor installation experience is required. For example, the Uniclic MultiFit technology is just as easy as piecing together a puzzle. Shaw’s Fold-N-Tap Locking system implements a similar process and is compatible with imperfect flooring. Both installation methods are waterproof and suitable for below-grade installations. And, of course, you’ll save the cost of professional installation.

Easy Maintenance

Luxury vinyl flooring is among the easiest to maintain. Simply sweep it a few times per week, mop once every week or two (depending on use), and that’s it! No semi-annual specialty cleaning necessary. It’s also better to avoid the more expensive harsh chemicals, instead choosing cleaners specifically designed for vinyl floors. Even better, some of these cleaners, such as R2X, can help maintain and even enhance your luxury vinyl flooring’s durability over time.

Built to Last

Not only is luxury vinyl flooring more affordable to purchase and install, but it’s also designed for the long-run. If cared for properly (which, as we’ve discussed, is easy), LVT and LVP will last for decades. In fact, many of our vinyl selections, including Chieftain and Fortified Blend, are backed by 25 year warranties. So, you won’t have to go through the expense of purchasing new floors yet again anytime soon.

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