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It’s always exciting to buy a new home, but the novelty quickly wears off when it comes time for repairs. Regular maintenance and occasional repairs are inevitable. However, there are a few clever steps to avoiding a few costly repairs – and one of them is choosing the floors. Here, we’ll take a quick look at how carpet can help protect your home and avoid many costly repairs.

Waterproof Backing

Chester room sceneMold and mildew have long been problems for carpet flooring. If spills are not cleaned right away (or properly), the moisture can soak through to the subfloor. Once this happens, it’s nearly impossible to remove or detect – until the smell of mold begins to fill the room.

Fortunately, many new carpet lines include a completely waterproof carpet backing. So, rather than soaking through, spills and moisture are kept above the carpet’s surface, where they can be wiped away with ease.

Home Air Quality

Reading Lines clean carpetIn recent years, home air purifiers have become popular among allergy sufferers. These purifiers typically have a high upfront cost, increase utility bills and have filters that need to be changed regularly.

Although carpet has been known to degrade indoor air quality, newer carpet can have the opposite effect. This is especially true with our Pet Protect carpet line, which is designed to trap pet hair and dander (along with other particles) until it’s vacuumed. With these new innovations, Just be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to prevent fine particles from reentering the air.

Better Insulation

Troupe carpetCarpet floors have always helped improve a room’s R-value (a measure of its insulation). However, choosing the right carpet cushion can improve your utility savings even more. Memory foam padding is especially useful and is more comfortable to walk on.

More Durable

Piaffe carpetIt’s pretty easy to tell which areas receive the most traffic; the carpet will be frayed or crushed. Traditionally, nylon carpet has been the exception, offering industry-leading durability. Now, newer takes on nylon, such as Anso Nylon, take this durability even further.

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Floors have benefited from many innovations in recent years. To find out which ones are best suited for your home, visit the leading flooring experts in Steamboat Springs at Carpets Plus today!